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Jingbao Group professionally produce Pellet Binders to the world markets

Pellet binders are products used for the purpose of binding, gluing and holding feed components. There are many binders based on by products from making paper and wood products. Jingbao is a company involved in the manufacture and supply of pellet binders since the last 30 years. It is also involved in research of this product with a set of professional research labs. The chief products of the company are feed pellet binders, JB pellet binders, UF resin for wood processing and re-dispersible emulsion powder.

The Pellet binders aid the production of extremely durable and water stability. It is quite effective at low inclusion levels and spares nutritional space in the feed information. It works as pelleting aids and improves the quality of pellet feed. It is also helpful in limiting the production costs by lowering fines and dust. This product can be added directly into the mixer. It won’t react with the nutrients of feed and is nutritionally inert. From the date of manufacture, JB Aqua feed binder remains stable for 12 months. It is highly hygroscopic in nature and should be stored into a cool and dry space.

The urea formaldehyde resin is synthesized from urea and formaldehyde. It is a multi-hydroxymethyl urea polymer which joins the other anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion and toughness good new addictive. It is quite easy to use and water use can be dissolved. It cures fast with the high bonding strength. The desired result can be achieved by both cold and heat curing. This product is heating and weathering resistant.

Jingbao is a well recognized name in pallet binders industry and covers up to 70% of China’s market share. In the overseas market, it has served customers across America, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia. The international pellet binder producer strives to offer premium quality products to its clientele.


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