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JB Group Celebrates 27 years of Feed Pellet Binders Excellence

Jingbao Feed Pellet Binder is a star that has completed 27 years in the industry and is trusted to be among the best feed pellet binders available even today. The composition of their Feed Pellet Binder is Urea Formaldehyde, which is also known in the market as UF pellet binders or PMC pellet binders. Due to the strong binding ability and great high temperature stability, JB Feed Pellet Binder can make fish and shrimp feed stable long time in water. It works as binding agent widely used for Aqua Feed and Poultry feed.

The main purpose of a pellet binder is to help preserve the quality of the pellets in all the different stages from product to storage. It is also important for a high quality pellet binder to optimize the quality of the feed formula. Jingbao Group offers two different kinds of pellet binders for different purposes:

• JB Feed Pellet Binder-Advanced Pelleting and Water Stability for Aquatic Feeds: this particular type of feed pellet binder synergistic combination of modified urea formaldehyde resin and anti caking agent which provides high durability and water stability.

• JB Pellet Binder For Animal Feed-Advanced Pelleting Stability for Animal Feeds: according to the company this type of binder has a special synergistic combination of modified urea formaldehyde resin and anti caking agents. It works as pelleting aids improving the pellet feed quality.

The company spokesperson said: “JB Feed Pellet Binder has strong capability of R&D and quality control, we'll be very pleasure to share with you quality strength of JB binder. If you are seeking for premium quality pellet binder, we sincerely expect to your contact and are your reliable partner.”
Urea Formaldehyde binder has been chosen as the most suitable Feed Pellet Binder by Jingbao R&D because it is inert and does not create food aversions. Feed Pellet Binders are trusted around the world by clients in countries including America, Saudi Arabia and more. It should also be noted that Jingbao Feed Pellet Binder covers 70% of the Chinese market.

For more information please visit: www.jingbaogroup.com

About: JB Feed Pellet Binder has almost 30 years’ experience in producing and Chinese-domestic sales, It covers over 70% of China market share and enjoys a good reputation and brand standing. As the leading producer of pellet binder, they have also conquered oversea markets, customer networks throughout America, Mexico, Ecuador, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Company Mail id. : info@jingbaogroup.com



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