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Jingbao Group
Huzhou Jingbao Feed Additive Co.,Ltd
Huzhou Jingbao New building materials Co.,ltd
Factory Scene
Adress:: Room 309,No.460 North Fute Road,China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
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Jingbao Group founded in 1988, is located in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. With almost 30 years’ development, Jingbao has grown into a leading global Feed Pellet Binders manufacturer and innovative building materials provider.Jingbao hires over 300 employees and sets three subsidiaries including Huzhou Jingbao Aqua Feed Co.Ltd, Huzhou Jingbao Feed Additive Co.,Ltd And Huzhou Jingbao New Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Jingbao Main Products:
1. Feed Pellet Binders,JB Pellet Binders
2. UF Resin for Wood processing
3. Re-dispersible emulsion powder

Jingbao has set up research centers with professional research labs providing specialized technical support for the global market.

Jingbao are committed to being a competent partner and providing leading advantage that boost efficiency, safety and stability in our customers’ operations, so as to bring added value and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This will provide a sustainable basis for ensuring tomorrow’s success of both Jingbao and our customers.

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