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UF Resin
Product Description: 

  Powdered urea-formaldehyde resin synthesized from urea and formaldehyde, after a white powder made from dried, its main chemical and physical properties of liquid resin, basically the same. It is a multi-hydroxymethyl-urea polymer, to join other anti-corrosion, anti-bacteria, toughness good new additive. Condensation due to its low molecular weight soluble in water, good fluidity and the use of simple process, all kinds of wood-based panels and other wood products the best adhesives. 

    1, easy to use, water use can be dissolved. 
    2, curing fast, high bonding strength. 
    3, cold, heat curing can achieve the desired result. 
    4, heat resistance, excellent weathering resistance. 
    5, while storage of long, easy to use, transport light. 

Main technical indicators:
1, Appearance:white or slightly yellow powder 
2, Particle size:95% of the standard through the 80 mesh sieve 
3, Moisture:= 2.5% 
4,Free formaldehyde:1.5% 
5, Bulk density:0.5 kg / L 
6, Durabiliy: room temperature, dry and cool place sealed 
(1) 20 ? 12 months 
(2) 30 ? 6 months 

Powder solution: 
Viscosity:powter: water = 1:1 80-200 mPa.s (25 ?) 
PH value:7.5 ~ 8.5 
Active period: temperature( 20 ?)=10 d

Application areas: 
1. A variety of wood-based panels and other wood products 
3. Bamboo, wood, molded products 
4. Plant Fiber Products 
5. Civil Engineering 
Note: The relevant standards were measured according to business-related 

1. Powdered urea-formaldehyde resin should be kept under seal to avoid direct sunlight and to prevent contact with moisture. 
2. Powdered urea-formaldehyde resin accidentally splashed into the eyes, use plenty of water washing, if necessary, seek medical advice. 
3. Powdered urea-formaldehyde resin, easily absorbing moisture, moisture absorption to form solid blocks quickly after the loss of effectiveness and mobility, generally use the moisture-proof packaging. They could ever use when you want to re-truss sealed bags. 

Packing: Plastic knit double bag, 20kg / bag, 25kg / bag.
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